Why Stationery Cupboard?

We wanted a name that said we have everything for your office in one location, The Stationery Cupboard. It was also a nod to the size of our first shop; so tiny it could have been a cupboard.

Over the past three decades we have grown our 'cupboard' into a portfolio of over 80K office supplies, now that's some size of cupboard! We deliver 90% of these products to our customers on our free, next day delivery service, other bulky items or specials take a little bit longer.

Just as the 'cupboard' has grown the 'stationery' element has been eclipsed by new product ranges and services, introduced to deliver on our founding principle to 'have everything for your office.' You can access Environmentally Friendly ranges, Catering supplies, Furniture Solutions, Office Machines, Technology products, Facilities products, Health and Safety ranges, Warehouse supplies... the list is endless.

Just as our products and services have evolved to keep pace with the modern working environment our structure has changed too. We are now in partnership with hundreds of other office supplies companies across the UK so we can deliver great value to you. We buy as a group, share logistical costs, develop better systems, invest in training for our teams but most importantly we retain our independence. This means you can still enjoy our knowledgeable, personal, friendly service.

We are a friendly bunch who listen to what you need and then love finding the right solutions for you first time. If you are looking for a cupboard that has everything for your office, please get in touch :)